An Emotional Response

Downsizing and Rightsizing
February 7, 2014

An Emotional Response
Not easy getting rid of ‘treasures’

Our plan over the next few years involves downsizing our home while we are working, before full-timing in our RV.  The plan is to decide now what we plan to keep, what to store and what to give away or sell.

Our first pass at going through this is this weekend, with our daughters.  This is fun because we will be opening up boxes of kids stuff that are in the attic.  The last time we checked out the contents of most of these boxes was, well let’s just say a really long time ago.

On the other hand how do you decide which mementos to keep?  That first finger painting that I got for father’s day?  The clay figurine from third grade?  The Christmas card from a relative no longer living?  There is not enough room for us to keep all these things, and most of this ‘stuff’ is going to be taken by the kids, sold or donated.  It simply won’t fit in an RV.

So… bring in “the kids” and let them help in the decision process.    We all have our say about what goes.

I keep reciting my mantra, “I want to simplify my life”‘.  I don’t know if it’s working or not.  Let’s see if we can rightsize our possessions to fit our future lifestyle.

Saturday February 8, 2014

The emotional ties to getting rid of our children’s nick-knacks certainly does not extend to our children!  In a short order they picked a few items they wanted to keep and left the rest for us to decide what to sell or donate.  We ended up with only a couple of boxes full of items to think about and a few dozen boxes that need to go to the garage sale or be donated.  Probably the most difficult items to decide on were our Steiff stuffed animals from Christine’s grandparents in Germany.  So much for the kid’s emotional response.

Surprisingly enough, we maintained focus and have a great start on our rightsize project.  The real challenge lies ahead of us when we start going through the items we have tucked away in the corners of the house.


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