Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – Day 4 and 5

Balloon Fiesta – Day 4

Balloon Launch

Another morning we missed the Dawn Patrol, but a surprise landing of several balloons between the RVs.  Quite a treat!  Use the arrows to scroll.

Here’s one of the balloons right in front of Lola:

Nice morning for the Balloon Fiesta again!  We have great weather, fantastic breakfasts and dinners through the Escapee Hop and fun side-trips to keep us busy.

Gas Balloon Challenge

The first evening of the International Balloon Fiesta launched several gas balloons.  They are now in the eastern US and Canada and still travelling!  Amazing how high and far these balloons go.  Gas Balloon Challenge Results here.

Gas Balloon Challenge

Gas Balloon Challenge

Sandia Tram

The Sandia Mountain Tram is the longest tram in the US, and the longest public tram in the world!  The early bird gets the worm and we head off right after the balloon launch to catch the tram as soon as it opens.

It is a quick drive to the tramway, and saw several balloons along the way as well as from the top of the mountain.  The tram goes 2.7 miles and rises 4,000 feet.  There is a ski facility and lots of trails to hike once you get there.

Pueblo Cultural Center

Operated by the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, The Pueblo Cultural Center has history, art and demonstrations of Pueblo culture.  We enjoyed the live entertainment at the center as well as the craft tables and shop.

We learned a lot about the Pueblo Indians.  They were one of the few truly agricultural Native American groups in the Southwest.  Most of the other groups were hunter-gatherers.

Wow – so many things to do when in Albuquerque!  Balloons and so much more!

Balloon Fiesta Day 5

Last day in Albuquerque!  The Balloon Launch included a competition to drop a sand bag in a circle or land and take off in a specified area.  Good wind conditions brought the balloons right to us again for some great video.

Happy Trails



2017-10 Sandia Tram Video

Video for Sandia Tram

2017-10 Pueblo Cultural Video

Pueblo Cultural Center Video

2017-10 Pueblo Cultural Center

Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque

2017-10 Sandia Tram

Mt. Sandia Tram in Albuquerque

2017-10 Balloon Fiesta (Day 4 video)

Balloon Landing in RV section

2017-10 Balloon Fiesta (Day 4)

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Day 4 Morning Launch

Santa Fe – Coronado Historic Site – and Balloons

Santa Fe – Kuaua Pueblo – and Balloons

Balloon Fiesta Day 3: Morning Balloon Fix

We slept in this morning and missed the Dawn Patrol.  Then we found out that it was cancelled when we went for breakfast.  Cool!  Didn’t miss anything.

The balloons did launch, so we still got some good pictures.

Sandia Mountain Tram (NOT!)

We drove up to Sandia Mountain after breakfast, but there was a wait of over 2 hours, so we decided to get an earlier start tomorrow for the tram.  Instead we decided to drive up to Santa Fe.  Some of the Escapee Hop attendees took the train but we wanted to include the dogs so we drove up.

Santa Fe

It’s only about an hour to drive to Santa Fe from Albuquerque.  Weather was nice and it was an interesting drive going by all the different Pueblos.  We parked a few blocks away from the old downtown area, got coffee at a quaint shop about half way to the old city square.  They were very dog friendly and brought out some water for the thirsty pups.  It is the oldest capital in the US – founded in 1630.  And at an elevation of 7189 ft. it’s the 10th highest city in the United States!

The old city square was busy with a dance group all dressed out in Spanish-American costumes.  Lots of music too!

Route 66 & Kuaua Pueblo – Coronado Historic Site

We got off the freeway just outside of Santa Fe to drive on old Route 66.  We drove through many small towns.  There are several Pueblo tribes and nations throughout this area.  We happened to see a sign for Coronado Historic Pueblo and took a short detour to see it.  Kuaua Pueblo was first settled about 1325 when approximately 1200 people settled the area.  Francisco Vásquez de Coronado named the pueblo in 1540 while he was searching for the cities of gold.  Coronado is on the banks of the Rio Grande river.

Great place to visit.  Managed by the New Mexico State Park system it is another dog friendly place.

Happy Trails!


2017-10 Coronado Pueblo

Coronado Historic Pueblo

2017-10 Santa Fe

Santa Fe New Mexico