Why Full Time RV

Full Time RV – It’s Human Nature

why_fulltimeMobile lifestyle is human nature.  Since the first humans have been on earth they have migrated across continents and across the world.  It’s in our nature, in our blood.  My ancestors came to the colonies from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France and Switzerland in the mid 1700s.  By the early 1900’s they had migrated to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Colorado with some ending up in Oregon.

Maybe the question of Why RV should be why not?  There is a human desire to find out what’s over the next hill and around the next bend of the trail or road.  Some people live the full timer RV lifestyle because they want to, others because their job or circumstances make this the best choice.  Regardless, just about anyone can live the mobile life (and I don’t mean cell-phones).

So, why are we going the live the Full Time RV life?  More than anything else, this is a lifestyle choice.  We are going to tour the US and Canada over an extended period, exploring the nooks and crannies that only Charles Kuralt and a few others managed to unearth.  Staying in motels and eating out all the time is very expensive, limits our options on where to stay and makes it difficult to travel with pets who are an important part of our family.  Every RVer – full-time or not – has their own reasons.

We have friends who successfully transitioned to a full timer RV lifestyle for several years.  This allowed them to visit and stay for extended periods of time in places they could explore, then travel on.  This appeals to our sense of adventure, wish to explore and make new friends.

How else can you go out and kayak on a lake in the morning, then return to your home and enjoy a stew that has simmered while we are gone.  Then, a few days later you are ocean-side sipping wine under your awning enjoying the gentle lapping of waves under palm trees.  There is an independence and freedom associated with RV life that only a few take the effort to enjoy.

Happy Trails


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