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All the stuff you need to know about RVing

By Ronald E. Jones and Robert G. Lowe ISBN 1-56870-514-X

Ronald E. Jones & Robert G. Lowe

I found this book by Ronald Jones & Robert Lowe at Ronald’s website About RVing.  Here is the bookstore on his website.  What initially caught my eye was his experiences using Lithium Ion batteries for both coach and chassis battery (more about that on another post).  The book is a larger size paperback that is professionally done.

This book is an excellent overview of using and maintaining an RV.  And I’m not just talking about engine maintenance.  Here are the major sections of the book:

  • Getting Ready to Drive the RV
    • Towable RVs
    • “Drivable” RVs
    • Learning to Drive Your RV
    • Driving Practice and Practice Driving
    • Try This When Learning to Drive Your RV
    • Things To Do Up Front for Pilot and Copilot
    • Driving Suggestions
    • Getting Ready to Drive
    • Hooking Up the Toad
    • Backup Up an RV
    • Fueling Up
    • Temporary Parking
    • Copilot Help is Special Help
    • Special Insert on RV Weight
  • Stuff Inside the Coach
    • Learning to Live in Your RV
    • Living Room
    • Kitchen and Dining Area
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom and Laundry
    • Closets and Storage
    • Packing Your RV
    • Special Insert on Buying an RV
  • Outside Stuff While Parked
    • When You First Pull Into the Campsite
    • Hooking Up the RV at the Campsite – Part I
    • Checking Shore Power
    • Hooking Up at the Campsite – Part II
    • Unhooking – Getting Ready to Go
    • Propane
    • Special Insert – Sewage
  • All the Other Stuff you Need To Know
    • Towing the Toad
    • Supplemental Braking Systems
    • Coach and Toad Protection
    • Winter Camping
    • Winterization
    • Preparing to Use Your RV After storage
    • Maintenance
    • Accessories, Services and Extra Stuff
    • Special Insert – Boondocking
  • Border Crossing Stuff

Each section provides a detailed overview of what to expect living in an RV with literally hundreds of tips and suggestions on making it easier to live on the road.  It introduces the novice to RV language like Toad, Dolly, Dumping, Shore Power and Boondocking just to mention a few.  For the experienced RVer the over 400 tips alone are worth the cost of this book.

Some topics are more introductory – such as Engine Maintenance.  You are not going to learn how to overhaul an engine, but you will learn how important it is to do proper maintenance on an RV and when to look for expert help.

This book is a keeper for my library.  It’s already all marked up.

Buying A Used Motorhome – How to get the most for your money and not get burned by Bill Myers (2012, Publishing as Hamilton New Media, New Venice FL, 34284, USA) – Kindle version

This is an excellent book that provides a review of the types of RVs, how to determine the current market value of specific RVs by using a variety of methods such as e-Bay and search aggregators.  That alone makes the book worth it to those of us searching for our first motorhome or upgrading what we already have.

Of equal value is Bills detailed tips on inspecting a used Motorhome for purchase.  Even if you are planning on having it professionally inspected he offers basic advise on things you should observe to determine if the vehicle you are looking at is worth pursuing.

And, as icing on the cake, he provides detailed suggestions on how to negotiate the best price for that motorhome you want to purchase.

This book is current, informative and bill presents the information in a friendly and easy to read manner.  You can’t go wrong with this book.





RV Buyer’s Survival Guide by Bob Randall and Mark Polk (2011), Kindle edition

For our second RV Books Review we have included  is the RV Buyer’s Survival Guide.  This is another excellent resource for individuals in the market for an RV.  It is primarily focused to assist individuals purchasing a new RV, but it also comes in handy for anyone who wants a better understanding of the RV Industry.

For example, the authors do a good job explaining Recreational Vehicle MSRP and the typical mark-ups dealers are working with.  That gives the buyer a price range that should be appropriate when making an offer.

Especially helpful are the sections about financing, extended warranty or service plans, and the add-ons you may be interested in, and that the dealer will try to sell you.  They point out how the dealer makes money off of these services and how negotiate best price for the entire RV package.  They explain how to shop for these ‘after-sale’ items.


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