RV Product Reviews

RV Product Reviews

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We have been RVing for a long time as you may have read  in our ‘About’ page.  However we are new to the Class-A size motorhomes, and as they say; It’s a whole new ballgame.  This whole blog is to not only allow  us to share our journey (in our Journey) but also to share what we learn along the way.  We offer unbiased reviews of some of the major things we buy.  You may decide that our RV product reviews are helpful.  Regardless, we invite you to share your comments.  There are links on the review page for some of the products – usually Amazon.com links.  Since we are Associates, if you use our link to buy a product we get a few pennies – and we appreciate that!

This page links to our RV product reviews so if you see something interesting – click on through.



Our RV Product Reviews
Product Review Additional Information
Voltage Regulator Are you protected? Protection from low-power and high-power in the form of surge protection is very important for any modern RV.
Air Compressor VIAir 400P Our diesel pusher provides air for tire top-offs – this RV air compressor can inflate a tire from zero to 120 lbs. and it can hook up to your toad for quieter operation.
Window Shades RV QuickShades The Journey comes with curtains  but 'shades' keep more heat out and provides some privacy.
TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System We took a look at a few TPMS and ended up with Tire Minder – read why.
Laptop We needed a low-end laptop When my aging laptop died after it dropped from a table onto it's corner I needed a laptop for blogging and lightweight PC work.

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