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Welcome aboard our journey!  We are moving from a bricks and sticks home to a metal and rubber motorhome – and invite you to join us.

Who are we

We are Jeff and Christine Engle and we welcome you to RVBuiltForTwo.  Both of us have worked at large electronic technology companies for many years.  Jeff took an early retirement 6 years ago.  After working independently for 3 years he decided to go back to a more traditional job and now works in IT in the government sector.  Christine is a project manager (high stress) for a large electronics company – a job that often involves travel and always long hours working with co-workers around the globe.

Why this blog


In 2013 we decided that we want to explore the U.S. and Canada.  Two of our close friends, Judy and Jan purchased a motorhome after they retired and spent several years exploring the U.S. as full-timers.  Over the years from time to time we linked up with them at Thousand Trails to catch up on their adventures.  This is exactly the lifestyle we want to pursue.  But, can we do it?

In October 2013 we decided to see what it would take to have the lifestyle we want while living in an RV.  What does it cost to full-time?  What kind of RV do we need?  What other activities do we want to do while traveling?  What do we do with all of our ‘stuff’?  What if one of us gets ill and we can’t continue to live like this?  Will our retirement provide enough income?  All of a sudden a few questions became a dozen as one question led to several others.  We have started the process to narrow down the choices of what type of RV suits our style and learn the financial aspects of this choice.

Research, research, research

Our research so far includes purchasing books, doing web searches, going to RV shows and visiting RV dealers close to home and farther away while visiting relatives.  We found that it is difficult and time-consuming to find reliable consistent information.  There are lots of books – but many are out of date.  There are many manufacturer and dealer web sites related to RVs, but we do not feel comfortable relying on this data alone.  Many blogs have out of date information, are contradictory or are not really relevant.  Some of the best blogs provided a good starting point but none are from our ‘early retirement’ perspective and full-timer viewpoint.  With that in mind, we are going to share our experiences.

We will share

  • How and why we decide on a particular type of RV
  • How and why we decide on new vs. used
  • Our experiences purchasing an RV
  • How we decide that we have enough income for a full-timer lifestyle
  • How much does it cost for us to live the vacation lifestyle at first, and a full-time lifestyle later
  • What we can do to stretch our income
  • How we live GREEN in an RV
  • What technology and product choices do we make and why
  • How do we deal with the stress of right-sizing and ‘giving up’ our traditional lifestyle
  • Where we go and who do we meet
  • And much much more…

Experience RVing

1984 0418 Mojave_UCE-CUE-VanWe have had some experience RVing – first in an early ‘80s Volkswagen Westphalia (camping on the streets of Pasadena with a 6-month old baby girl to see the Rose parade on our first RV trip) , then purchasing a used Suburban complete with a used Prowler trailer, then going back to a mid-80’s VW Westphalia.  This was camping with the kids and we had many memorable vacations using the VW Pop-Up and the old Suburban & trailer.

Right now we rough it at Thousand Trails Membership campgrounds enjoying cabins and camp in a tent from time to time.

What stage are we at now?

Update March 2014

Our timeline includes purchasing an RV before we retire so we have some time to escape our 9-5 lives and practice (yes – we can’t wait to get started now that the bug has bitten us).  We hope to have the type of RV selected and a general idea of size early to mid 2014.  Our target is to get an RV early to mid 2015(if we can wait that long).  This depends on several factors such as the when and how much we get sell our Bricks and Sticks home . 

Update September 2014

We found the RV we were looking for and purchased a 2008 Winnebago Journey in August.  Now we start the next stage of RVing!  Fixing up the Journey to get ready for a full timer lifestyle!  We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Update May 2016

We have sold our home and are on the road!  The travelogue begins!

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  1. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained….He who Dares – Wins!

    Congratulations, We are just a short 4 years away from early retirement as well.

  2. We are super impressed with your drone videos. We will head out full-time later this year. Would you mind sharing what drone you use and any recommendations you would have?

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