Thermopolis Wyoming – Hot Spring State Park

Hot Spring State Park

On Our Way to Yellowstone National Park and the FMCA Rally in Gillette Wyoming

The last year has been a challenge for the Trippin’ Engles.  After spending almost a year fixing up a house in Sacramento, we sold it and are back on the road.

We stayed at the Eagle RV Park in Thermopolis for two nights so our grandson could visit the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and participate in a ‘dig’.  He just finished 1st Grade and since he was 3 he has wanted to be a paleontologist.   This was a dream-come-true for him!  While he was out with his parents digging up bones, Christine and I took our granddaughter to Hot Spring State Park.  This is the largest hot spring in the world.

The rangers at the state park allows us to fly the drone and get some videos of the hot springs.


More to come soon.  Internet access is sketchy at best here in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho so we will post as we can.

Happy Trails!

Trippin’ Engles