Repairs start for Lola

Repairs start for Lola at BGM RV Repair

On July 27th we drove up to BGM RV Repair in Chesterville Ontario Canada after receiving word from FedEx Freight that the last set of parts are delivered.  Christine worked with Tyler at Winnebago Parts to find out why we were having delays getting the last items shipped to BGM RV Repair so we can get back on the road.  Finally the parts were shipped out last Thursday and arrived at BGM Tuesday the 26th.  Interesting to note that Winnebago Parts is independent from Winnebago Industries – and is Winnebago Industries distributor for parts.

We were unable to contact the BGM RV Repair office in Chesterville.  Their phone and internet connections were out after a massive thunder-storm rolled through southern Canada last week.  We drove up to their office to talk with Brian about the schedule to get Lola repaired.

After stopping at Tim Horton’s for coffee and breakfast in Cornwall we were on our way through Upper Canada to Chesterville.  I was always confused about what was “upper” in Upper Canada.  Wikepedia cleared that up as Upper Canada refers to the portion of Canada that borders the upstream part of the St. Lawrence River, whereas Lower Canada is the downstream part of the St. Lawrence river in Canada.  This area was primarily settled by Loyalists after the American Revolution.

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Once at BGM, we checked out the parts we had been waiting for.  The big holdup was the trim strip that borders the lower edge of the slide out.  He had one RV that was just getting finished up, and promised we would be in the garage in a couple of hours.  So we decided to do a walking tour of Chesterville in North Dundas Ontario.


We had lunch at Louis’ Restaurant in Chesterville.  Before we were done we saw Brian and he told us that Lola was in the garage getting worked on!

Back to BGM where Skyler and Andrew were busy working on Lola checking the fit of the doors and panels that had to be replaced.



If everything goes as planned (fingers crossed) we should have Lola back on Friday and we can make it to the FMCA Reunion that starts next Wednesday in West Springfield Massachusetts.  If there are any glitches however, Monday is a holiday in Canada, so even with a one day delay we won’t get Lola until the end of the day on Tuesday – so we would miss the first part of the get-together.