Livingston Montana and Sheridan Wyoming

Livingston MT and Sheridan WY

Livingston and the Train Museum

After leaving White Sandy BLM Recreation area, we return to Paradise Valley near Livingston.  Downtown Livingston has a neat train museum – the Livingston Depot.  There are great displays for the building of the railroad that led to the explosion of settling of this area.  The museum covers the tremendous effort required to lay tracks over and through the mountains.  The railroad shipped goods from the mines, farms and ranches in the area to the big cities to the east and west, and tourists in to see Yellowstone.  Early on Livingston was the gateway to the nation’s first National Park.  Displays show the history of the railroad all through the mid-1900’s when trains were THE way to travel.

This area is also very popular with Hollywood, as it was used for many movies since movies started being made.  There is an exhibit “Film in Montana” upstairs that showcase movies shot in Montana and old film editing equipment.

There is also an area for local artists.  On exhibit is a gallery for a woman cowboy photographer (“Pure Quill:  Photographs by Barbara Van Cleve.” ).  She uses a lot of low-light and evening shots for an unusual portrayal of cowboy life.  Check out her website or if you are near Livingston stop by the train depot during 2018.  Very enjoyable.  She has a great ‘eye’.

Paradise Valley KOA is a very nice full-featured camp with amazing views of the mountains south of Livingston Montana.  See our earlier post here when we stopped on our way to Yellowstone National Park.

Livingston Wyoming Pictures

Sheridan and the Bighorn Mountains

Bighorn Mountains

Driving south on Interstate 90 from Livingston Wyoming to Sheridan takes you along the eastern side of the Bighorn Mountains.   At first the range is not impressive while driving along I-90 – there are few mountain peaks visible that we saw.  You can easily drive by them and say, “huh, nice hills.”  But drive into the mountains from Sheridan and almost immediately we are greeted with spectacular canyons and valleys with up-scale housing on US 14.   Spend a few minutes at Shell Falls for a nice break.

Dense forests and wildflowers galore (mid-July) at the crest led to desert scrub on the east side following US 20.  We stopped several times to enjoy the views.


Sheridan Wyoming

Similar to our thoughts about the Big Horn Mountains, don’t judge a city by what you see from the freeway.  Christine wants to see the King Saddlery in downtown Sheridan.  After driving through the typical strip malls, once we reach the downtown area we find a very tricked out old town.  The rodeo is in town, and the streets are packed.  There are cool artsy statues along the main street and the shops are bustling.  You can do a lot of people watching and whether you are checking out the cowboys or the cowboy watchers it’s fun.

King’s Saddlery

Alright, I think we are going to see some saddles.  Kings Saddlery is a legendary store about a legendary family of leather craftsmen. Just walking through the store and then the museum, which is in another building, it brings you to a life that was simple, but so full of hardships and joy.  You can almost imagine what it was like living during the time that King Saddlery first came about and the life of the cowboys and their families.  Don King started making saddles in 1946 followed by his sons John and Bob.

Sheridan/King’s Saddlery Pictures


The Cowboy Cafe

We had breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe, then did some window shopping before heading back to the Sheridan KOA and the dogs.

Next up… the FMCA rally in Gillette Wyoming!

Happy Trails!

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Yellowstone Day One

Yellowstone Day One

Touring The Grand Loop

We made it!  Yellowstone Day One.  Our youngest daughter and her family have joined us in this trip to Yellowstone National Park.  We came in through the west entrance.  After driving a few miles we are thrilled to see so much water, green grass everywhere and finally see our first Bison just lounging in the morning rays of the sunshine.

Terrace Spring

Our first stop is at Terrace Spring on the Grand Loop Road.  It is a great introduction to the geothermal springs at Yellowstone and a nice place to stop and wonder a bit.


Gibbon Falls

Our next stop is Gibbon Falls – a very popular stop on the grand loop.  Even with all the people, it was easy to get some great pictures.  There are several places to take pictures of the falls at different angles.  With a drop of around 84 feet and lots of water pouring over it with the spring run-off it is an impressive sight.


Beryl Spring

This is one of the hottest and should we mention the smelliest springs in Yellowstone.  Beryl Spring is in the Gibbon Geyser Basin just past Gibbon Falls.

Artists Paint Pots

This offers a great hike over to the different types of springs.  We saw mud pots, which bubbled up hot mud (which according to our grandchildren smelled like bacon) and lots of steaming springs.  What made this even more special were the views over a valley with lots of wildflowers and to the snow capped mountains on the other side of Yellowstone.

Norris Basin

The Norris Basin Tour took the remainder of Day 1 at Yellowstone.  There are lots of places to view, with the Steamboat Geyser shooting high in the air.  There are also many different colors of springs and flowing streams indicating the different types of bacteria living here.  Incredible hiking paths led to opportunities to photograph the immensity of the Yellowstone Caldera.

Happy Trails!

Thermopolis Wyoming – Hot Spring State Park

Hot Spring State Park

On Our Way to Yellowstone National Park and the FMCA Rally in Gillette Wyoming

The last year has been a challenge for the Trippin’ Engles.  After spending almost a year fixing up a house in Sacramento, we sold it and are back on the road.

We stayed at the Eagle RV Park in Thermopolis for two nights so our grandson could visit the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and participate in a ‘dig’.  He just finished 1st Grade and since he was 3 he has wanted to be a paleontologist.   This was a dream-come-true for him!  While he was out with his parents digging up bones, Christine and I took our granddaughter to Hot Spring State Park.  This is the largest hot spring in the world.

The rangers at the state park allows us to fly the drone and get some videos of the hot springs.


More to come soon.  Internet access is sketchy at best here in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho so we will post as we can.

Happy Trails!

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