Bozeman Montana and the Museum Of The Rockies

Yellowstone Day -1
Museum of the Rockies
Bozeman, Montana

After spending a couple of days in Thermopolis and going to the Dinosaur Dig what could be better than stopping in Bozeman to go to the Museum of the Rockies (MOR). It has been a lot of fun traveling with our daughter and her family.

Museum Of The Rockies

At the MOR the main exhibits are more dinosaurs and there are also exhibits on Native Americans, early pioneers and a traveling show about guitars. The third floor is a hands on area for kids to check out how a volcano is created and the surrounding area. There are several different shows in the Planetarium that are a must to see. The MOR is a great experience for young and old and is in a wonderful facility.

We left the dogs in Lola during our visit to the museum, and while the rest of the family went shopping in the museum store I went out to check on the dogs.

It had been raining while we were in the museum and because we left the windows open in Lola the inside was a little damp. Once we all got together again the girls decided to go shopping. Can’t resist a Costco and there is one in Bozeman.

Our son in law and I stayed in Lola with the kids and dogs. While we were waiting for the girls to return a tremendous lighting and rain storm went through Bozemen. Lola was rocking and the streets had temporary flooding.

By the time everyone was together again at the MOR the rains had stopped however that didn’t stop traffic from being congested. We decided to go back the way we came in from I90 to MOR. Much easier drive.

The Drive To Henry’s Lake State Park Idaho

The drive from Bozeman to Henry’s Lake Idaho is a very picturesque drive with mountain streams and cliffs around each corner. I enjoyed driving especially since there are very few grades to deal with, and the ones we do have are gradual.

Traffic starts to increase as we drove along the Gallatin Gateway in Montana getting closer to Yellowstone National Park. We had become spoiled driving around the eastern side of Yellowstone through Wyoming and central Montana and seeing more antelope than cars!

We finally pulled into Henry’s Lake State Park at 6 p.m. ready to set up camp and have dinner.

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