Breakneck Brook Gravel Pit

Breakneck Brook Gravel Pit

When you stay in one place longer than a few days, you can find quirky places to see. One of those is a small gravel pit along Breakneck Brook that we happened across. While it is an active gravel pit, it is rarely used so we are not interfering with anyone working.

It rains in the summer in Massachusetts. Almost every day. Sometimes more than once. This is hard to get used to coming from the ‘Left Coast’ where the foothills would get some lightning and maybe a little rain. Especially in dry California the only rain is usually during the winter months. When you add to that 90° temps and 70% to 90% humidity this California boy is having some issues getting used to this type of heat.

Yesterday we were walking the dogs at the Breakneck Brook Gravel Pit, trying to get in a walk before the rains started again when it started to rain. I’m talking about drops the size of peaches! Hail! Nope – just big drops. 2 hit me and drenched me. We should have known better since the thunder was rumbling and the clouds racing by! Especially Christine who grew up in Northern New York where this type of weather is the norm.

As we made our way out of the pit, we heard a Bang and saw a Flash – just about simultaneously. All 5 of us just about jumped out of our skins. We probably had at least 3 torrential downpours over the next 12 hours. Good thing our RV site drains well and is fairly high compared to the streams.

We have visited the ‘pits’ several times in the past few days and have taken some pictures of the wildflowers and old equipment. Here’s some to share.

Happy Trails From the Trippin’ Engles

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