Canal Trails – a Twist on Rail Trails

Canal Trails are a Twist on Rail Trails

We wrote about Rail Trails a few posts ago (see Rail Trails).  Our dogs are all in the senior years.  Both the Black Lab and Yellow Lab can not go on very log walks.  While in Massachusetts we discovered Rail Trails, and when we stayed in Accord New York we found the Delaware and Hudson Canal trails.

New York Canals

New York is making a major effort to make many of these old canalways linear recreation parks just like the rail trails.  Some canalways are still active – such as the Erie Canal, and others have sections that are filled in – used by railways such as the Delaware and Hudson Canal that went from Pennsylvania to Kingston New York on the Hudson River.

Delaware & Hudson (D&H)

Canals made New York what it is today!  The canals brought coal and produce to New York City allowing it to compete with Philadelphia and Boston for seaport traffic.  We spent 3 weeks in Accord, New York and we were out on the Delaware & Hudson paths almost every day exploring different segments each time.  One walk out by Marbletown went by farms that were started in the 1600’s.  The Delaware & Hudson started migrating to using railways early on, running the first locomotive in the U.S. (for one day).  However, they went bankrupt and most of the canalways in the Accord area were taken over by the Ontario & Western railway.  It was a maze of mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies over the years that make fascinating reading.


Erie Canal

Of course the Erie Canal is full of history, and is still an active canalway.  There are actually both ‘New’ and ‘Old’ canals.  In some places the canals were widened, leaving the smaller old canals intact.

Here the paths are along active canals where you can see boats traveling back and forth, making for great walks.

Find more information about Rail Trails at the Rails to Trails Conservancy.

Our dogs and the Trippin’ Engles are enjoying the Railways and Canalways in New York and Massachusetts.

Happy Trails from the Trippin’ Engles.

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