Family History Tour – Tennessee and Kentucky

Our Last Family History Episode – Family History Tour – Tennessee and Kentucky

In our previous episodes, we visited Jeff’s family’s ancestral homes in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  We were able to explore both his dad’s father’s ancestry as well as his mother’s dating back to the early 1700’s.

This is the last episode of our east coast tour with Tennessee and Kentucky wrapping up the trip.

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Carter County, Tennessee

Jeff’s 4th Great Grandfather George moved from Shenandoah Junction in West Virginia to Carter County Tennessee when this part of the country was still part of North Carolina (Washington County N.C.).  It later became part of Tennessee.  Tracking all of the changes from North Carolina to Tennessee was a challenge!

We are lucky to have a family history book written in the 1940’s that chronicled the migrations of Jeff’s family so we have a head start in our research.  Using we then found land grants issued to my 4th Great Grandfather in Tennessee.

We also found records of George being active in the local government by researching local county historical society records online find that George was elected as a judge & jailer at different times besides being a farmer.

The land records for the county record that George sold some of his Tennessee property to his eldest son Peter.  Peter then sold the land back to his father when he moved to Kentucky.  A year later George sold all of his property in Tennessee and moved the rest of the family to Kentucky.

Barbourville, Kentucky

After George moved to Barbourville, Kentucky we found that Peter became involved with local politics by holding various positions and owned several pieces of property in downtown Barbourville and farmland outside of town.  My 3rd Great Grandfather Jacob owned a farm just outside of Barbourville – again county land records were researched using

Both George and Jacob are buried in Barbourville.  Their plot on a city property was assumed by the land owner who had the house nearby, and their headstones were used in the foundation of a house!  We learned this from cousins sharing research they had done.

Wrapping it up

We had a wonderful trip traveling down the east coast.  We visited cemeteries where Jeff’s ancestors are buried and battlegrounds they fought at.  We learned a lot about how early settlers lived during the 1700’s and 1800’s.  We hope you enjoyed these stories and encourage you  to do your own family history story.

Happy Trails from the Trippin’ Engles.

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