Race to the North!

Licensed and Registered in Florida – time to Race to the North

It’s warm in Florida and we were able to get our drivers licenses and car registrations complete in a couple of hours on May 18th.  We have work to do on our rental cabin in northern New York so we are heading north to cooler weather and some extra time to do some yard work before getting back on the road.  Race to the North.

Santee Lakes, Summerton South Carolina

May 22, 2016

We decided to break our 4 hours of driving rule for our trip to NY.  We drove 370 miles (about 7 hours of  actual driving time) from Wildwood Florida to Summerton South Carolina stopping at Santee Lakes right off of I-95.

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All in all the park was very nice.  There is a public section and a long-term section.  We did not use the camp’s bath house.  It has a small boat ramp dropping to Lake Marion.  Even though  it is quite close to I-95, the freeway noise wasn’t too bad.  The only negative was the (large) pile of trash and decaying motor homes along the back of the property.

Carolina Crossroads, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

May 23, 2016

We decided to drive 5 hours and cover 270 miles on Monday.  We did not know what to expect for traffic going through Richmond, Virginia so we did not want to chance 5 o’clock traffic there.  Really, we all needed to catch our breath after the long day on Sunday.  We stopped at Carolina Crossroads RV Park.  It has a fantastic dog park that all three dogs loved and we enjoyed watching them off leash playing and running.  Definitely recommend this park for short or long-term stays.

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We didn’t take any pictures as it was a total veg-out afternoon, but here’s their YouTube:


Hershey Pennsylvania

May 24, 2016

325 miles (6 hours driving) for Tuesday the 24th.  We continue to push on to NY.  Hershey Pennsylvania, home of Hershey Chocolate World in… you guessed it – Hershey PA home of Hershey Company.  Christine walked through Hershey Chocolate World while Jeff soaked up some sunshine with the dogs and becoming the unofficial greeters outside those hallowed doors.

Hershey Chocolate World is well worth the visit, and you could easily spend a day just wondering the streets of the town.

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We stayed at Hershey Thousand Trails – another superb TT park.

Louisville, New York

May 25, 2016

On Wednesday the 25th, we decided to push on – 408 miles – 7 1/2 hours of driving.  Initially we were going to stop just north of Syracuse and go to Costco to break the trip up, however Jeff had a close encounter with a pole and damaged two of the basement doors.  Although it appeared the slider was OK, we didn’t want to chance getting the passenger side slider out and not being able to slide it back in.  Just south of Syracuse we pulled off at a rest area and Christine drove on to Costco in the Pilot and Jeff drove Lola to the next text stop.  In New York they are very serious about texting and driving.  The rest stops are far apart on the freeways, however they have intermediate parking stops for texting.

While Jeff waited for Christine, he unhooked the trailer so it could be pulled by the Honda Pilot, however when Christine got there the trailer sat too low (hmm wonder if it was the 2000 lbs of our stuff inside) with the hitch configuration.  Got the trailer hitched to Lola again – we’ll chance getting Lola with the trailer parked at the Louisville cabin.  This has given us some very good practice of hooking the trailer onto Lola and the Pilot :).

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It ended up not being a problem swinging into the driveway of the cabin – we had plenty of room.

Trip Recap

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We are still exhausted from driving 1374 miles in 4 days on this leg, 4535 miles, 15 states in 15 days driving over 19 days total to go from Sacramento to Florida to New York.  We don’t ever plan on driving this far, this much each day, with virtually no breaks.  But we have arrived and now we will be in one place for a few weeks, then back on the road starting with Maine!

Happy Trails –





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  1. Thanks for all your updates! It looks like you’re having a wonderful time! I was wondering how you were doing and I’m glad all is well. It was fun for me to see Hershey’s again. I loved when we were there! Doubt that you had time to do the trolley tour, but seeing all the homes and universities that were an integral part of being in the Hershey family (workers were considered family) and they were all well taken care of. Well,enjoy that cabin, the doggies, and your prep for the next venture in your life! ?

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