South Central Florida

South Central Florida

We decided to try out a private RV park near Lake Okeechobee after seeing the prices to stay on the Keys, and Miami did not excite us.  We found M RV Resort in Moore Haven.  The reviews were good and the price was right.

Many of the reviews indicated that the biggest challenge was grocery shopping.  Even though Moore Haven is Glades county seat, there is not a single grocery store in town.  However both LaBelle and Okeechobee stores such as Walmart and Winn-Dixie.  They are about 20 to 25 miles away.

The park is pretty basic, and most of the lots are fairly close together, however once we got parked (snug fit) it was fine.

There is a nice heated pool, shuffle boards and rec center with pool tables.  There is no exercise room or hot tub – but there are gators in the ponds to make up for that!  We haven’t seen a gater in the park though several have seen them.

Exploring the area – Lake Okeechobee, Fisheating Creek Bird Sanctuary, Manatee Park (Fort Myers), Bonita Springs

With almost perfect weather hovering around 80 degrees 5 days out of 7 and lows in the 60’s.  Real tough eh?

ForecastA couple of rainy days – and a few windy days but for the most part the weather has been perfect for flying the drone, walking the dogs, and exploring.  The Herbert Hoover Dike is 143 miles long and offers great walking and biking opportunities.  We feature the dike in both videos.  However, much of the dike is under restoration, so check with the Army Corps of Engineers before heading out.  We found their maps somewhat accurate, if you know what I mean!



I’ve been taking care of my dad’s probate, with lots of help from my brother.  My brother has been living with and taking care of dad for the past several years – that has provided dad with a very good quality of life up to the end last December.

Bonita Springs

We visited with longtime friends in Bonita Springs, and they took us on a boat ride along the intracoastal waterway.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon enjoying a lunch on the water and then doing a little bit of exploring in areas you normally don’t see from the road.


Manatee Park – Fort Myers

We made a trip to Fort Myers to establish a bank account for dad’s Probate, and visited Manatee Park – a Lee County Park.


Fisheating Creek Bird Sanctuary

Just a short distance away from Moore Haven, towards the town of Okeechobee is the Fisheating Creek Bird Sanctuary.  It is also the location of the site of Fort Center.  Fisheating Creek Bird Sanctuary is a great place to explore wildlife.  There is one Alligator near the visitor center that looked to be 10 to 12 feet long.  We stopped at the visitor center to make sure we could use the drone for pictures, which they said was ok as long as we weren’t using it for hunting or harassing any of the wildlife.  The Sanctuary has both wooded area as well as Florida Savannah (combination grassland and trees).  We biked around as long as the road allowed, but then got into an area with deep sand and walked the rest of the way.  Did get a flat tire while riding back, but that allowed us to see more birds while walking back to the visitor center and our car.

US Highway 29 between LaBelle and Moore Haven

We passed a pond 2 days in a row and saw a cow in the middle of a pond munching away on pond plants.  Each time, we said “we have to take the drone and get a picture of the cow with the birds.”  The third day we drove by we had the drone, but no cow.  There were 3 fat alligators we took pictures of though and lots of jumping fish!


Happy Trails from the Trippin’ Engles

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