Spa Day – Getting Ready for Solar

Spa Day – Cleaning Up and Getting Ready for Solar!

After breaking my hip, Christine didn’t think it would be a good idea for me to get up on the roof and power wash it.  We do need to get Lola (the RV) cleaned up before taking her up to AM Solar in Springfield Oregon so it’s time for Spa Day.  First, it was only the roof to wash, but on second thought it is time for a full wash job prior to our trip up north.  We didn’t want anything to slow up our solar panel installation.

Our cars are washed by 3D Door to Door Detail, a Sacramento based company that washes and details vehicles of all sizes at your home – especially after I was slowed down by my hip injury.  They offer very competitive pricing, friendly attitude and prompt service. {Side Note:  Notice the California Golden Yard – the latest in drought fashion}

Getting Lola Cleaned Up
Getting Lola Cleaned Up

This is also my first multi-camera video work. Another first for the vblog. More about that below!

David, the owner of 3D Door to Door Detail, explained to me that the roof would be power washed, scrubbed and rinse twice and inspected for any potential issues.

Getting the full treatment
Getting the full treatment

After the roof is completed, the side of the RV is divided up into 2 sections and they work their way around the RV doing an initial power wash, spraying on the foamy soap then scrubbing down the sides using brushes and hand washing.  A final rinse to remove the suds then the section is wiped down.  This cycle is repeated along the co-pilot’s side, end cap, driver’s side and the front cap.  Last the windows, tires and interior are detailed (we elected to do the inside – but our neighbor down the street had the works done).

She’s looking good now, and ready for the solar panels to be installed.

Video Setup

I used a GOPro Hero on a tripod to create a baseline shot, and a Canon 60D “on a pole” and handheld as well as a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS on a tripod and hand held for another perspective.  A few shots from a waterproof Nikon CoolPix where there was direct spray from the washing.

It ended up being quite the challenge to synchronize 2 to 3 shots from different cameras.  It was fun, but time consuming.  I used Adobe Premiere Pro as my primary editing tool.  I also used Adobe After Effects to animate the Logo.  This was a volunteer effort to help out 3D Door to Door Detailing and gave me some much needed experience working with title animation for future VBloggin’ efforts.  All told I had over 2.5 hours of video that I tagged as ‘good’ for extracting sub-clips from.  That’s more than enough for a 3 minute video.  I’ll be using the video to create some how-to videos for 3D Door to Door Detailing so they can tell their story and that will give me more practice using video tools.  I just wish I was retired already so I would have time to do all this.

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