St Lawrence Seaway October Walk

By the St Lawrence Seaway for an October Walk

We are taking a break from working on Lola and the Cabin.  We have spent all of October working on several projects at our cabin and getting Lola all spruced up.

Freightliner – Cornwall Ontario (Fail)

We took Lola to Freightliner in Cornwall Ontario for her annual maintenance.  They found a suspension valve leaking and that got fixed as well.  I must say they were not too happy to work on an RV.  I wish they had told me they didn’t like working on RVs at the time I made the appointment.  I only chose them because they were closer than the Freightliner Oasis dealer near Watertown NY.

Washing and Waxing Lola

While Christine worked on several projects inside and outside the cabin, I spent nearly a week washing and waxing Lola and reorganizing our basements.  It took a full day to wash all the berry stains off the roof.  I ended up using Magic Erasers (nearly a box) to get all the purple off.

After washing Lola, I used Driven Automotive Polish and it works great!  Easy to apply and wipe off.  Just a little buffing with a micro-fiber cloth.

There were a few scuff marks in a couple of places, and I used Driven Finish Restorer on that.  It was the first time I used the restorer and it also worked well.

Cell and WiFi Antenna Upgrade

Next I removed the King Dome Satellite dish and installed the WiFi Ranger and WeBoost antennas then did all the wiring for that.

I wanted to share that experience so there are 3 posts covering that process.  The first day the King Dome Satellite dish was removed.  Then it rained for a couple of days – but no worries!  Everything was sealed up.  Next I removed the access panel on the roof and mounted the two antennas.  Then Christine helped pull the new cables into the cabinet in the front of Lola after I pulled one of the old satellite cables out (with a string attached).  Last everything was wired up.

New Bedroom Blinds

Then Christine and I mounted 2 MCD Shades in our bedroom in Lola.  This was not easy!  My guess is that our valance is a little narrower than most because it took a full day to install the short shade.  When we tried to install the 2nd shade the roller assembly was defective and we had to request a new one.  Then it took a full day to install the 2nd shade – also because of challenges with the valance.   We would not do this ourselves next time.

Getting Ready to hit the road

We are working on two things for Lola now.  Replacing the water pump and charting a route to Florida – visiting some of the places Jeff’s relatives lived back in 1700’s and 1800’s.  We’ll be keeping you up to date on these as we hit the road again next week.  The cabin is getting a new garage floor, new siding in the back and several new windows!  Busy month.

St Lawrence Seaway Walk

After two days of rain the dogs and the Trippin’ Engles had cabin fever!  It was brisk and windy, but a great walk before I started attacking the water pump.


Happy Trails from the Trippin’ Engles


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  • WOW Beautiful Colors! Sounds like you guys have captured the spirt of adventure with those blinds..Lol…we’d like to see some pictures of the cabin…Hope all is well..everyone says Hi we just watched the video….Howdy from Sacramento

    The Stevenson-White Family

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