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VIAIR 400P RV Air Compressor unboxed

VIAir 400P RV Air Compressor

VIAIR 400P RV Air Compressor The Unboxing and Review of the VIAIR 400P RV Air Compressor: Unboxing You may wonder why we are looking at purchasing an air compressor when our rig already has one built-in.  There are a couple of reasons why we decided to buy the VIAIR 400P Air Compressor.  First when we

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Waiting for Repairs to get done

Where’s the RV? We purchased our Winnebago Journey from La Mesa RV on August 9th.  The ‘prep’ was completed and we picked it up on August 25th and that weekend we took it out camping.  This was our ‘shake down’ trip because we have a 15 day warranty from La Mesa on several major components.

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Buying for the RV Basement

New RV Accessories – Buying for the RV Basement   Continuing our tour of the RV and preparing for our first camping trip we go to the basement.  When buying for the basement we see a number of major systems that support the RV.  Besides storage, there is the Power System, Water and waste control, on-board

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New RV Accessories – TPMS

RV Accessories – TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Now that we have our RV, let’s look at some of the accessories we felt were critical.  We will start in the cab.  The rubber meets the road in an RV with the tires.  Many RVs have dual wheels that make it difficult to check if

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RV Buying – About RV Depreciation

 Understanding RV Depreciation… January 24, 2014 No matter what kind of an RV you talk about, they depreciate.  Quite a lot actually.  RVs with engines depreciate quicker because of the wear and tear of their motors.  There are advantages to buying new – you get to pick out the features you want right up-front, no

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