RV Books Review

January 19, 2014


RV Books Review Page

Today I am learning more about WordPress and creating and writing an informative blog.  In addition I added a second RV Book review – The RV Buyer’s Survival Guide by Bob Randall and Mark Polk.  This adds to the first book review Buying a used motorhome – How to get the most for your money and not get burned, by Bill Myers.  The first book looks at the process of purchasing  a used RV, and the second a new motorhome.  These books are like bookends providing a pretty complete picture of the variety of ways to purchase an RV.

Why book reviews

For us just starting out, we wanted as much information as possible.  Web searches provided manufacturers websites that provide good data about new and previous RV models, various RV associations provide paper and electronic magazines, articles and blogs and many individuals have contributed information in various forms including comments and blogs on many sites.  Books however can still provide a wealth of information.  These first couple of books were purchased after searching Amazon.Com.  Other books we will review were purchased on Amazon as well as self-published through their own websites.

To view our book reviews – click here.

Ok, back to learning about WordPress!

Perfect Balance

January 19, 2014


This is the start of our Website and Blog, searching for the Perfect Motorhome… that Perfect Balance between features and cost.  The Perfect Balance between having enough room to full-time in and still be able to navigate many of the parks in the U.S.  The Perfect Balance of living green and living in a vehicle that would at first glance seem to be the opposite of environmental responsibility.  The Perfect Balance of living life to it’s fullest and keeping within a moderate budget.

We will be documenting that journey, and invite you to come along as we go through the process of determining what kind of motorhome fits our proposed lifestyle (more about that soon).

To start out, I will share the books that have helped me start to understand how to select a motorhome.  Here’s our first book review.

Besides book reviews, areas we are initially planning on discussing are our thoughts about buying New vs. Used, a Gasser vs. FRED vs. Diesel Pusher, how we hope to contain expenses, and what resources we use to educate ourselves to make the perfect choice for us (we hope).  Don’t worry about the acronyms – we will help you with that as we go along.

Join us in our quest.  We will share what we learn and invite you to share your own hopes and experiences.