Washington North Carolina

Which Washington North Carolina?

In doing our genealogy – family history research Jeff identified property that his 4th Great-Grandfather owned in Washington North Carolina.  And we are there!

Only problem, reading the history of Washington in North Carolina we find out that the area of Washington in 1750 became a county in North Carolina that later became part of Tennessee!  Carter County Tennessee to be exact.  Once we figured that out we added Tennessee to our schedule, but left Washington North Carolina as a 3 day vacation and research stop since Jeff had been unable to complete his detailed research on where (exactly) to go because his stiff neck prevented him from working on the computer.  Yeah, long story short.

Washington (the town) North Carolina was named by a soldier who fought under General George Washington.  The city is on the Pamilico River that empties into the Atlantic Ocean a few miles downstream.  It has the distinction of being the first town named Washington!

What to do in Washington North Carolina (The Town)

Little Washington is a nice quiet town off the beaten track.  It has a nice boardwalk, and in November it does not have the hustle-bustle that we are sure happens in the summer.  There are some nice sea food restaurants, and the boardwalk is a nice place to walk the dogs.  It appears to be a boater’s paradise.

Goose Creek State Park

Close to Washington, is Goose Creek State Park.  It is another wonderful place to walk the dogs and watch the boats out on the river.

Tranter’s Creek Campground

We stayed in Tranter’s Creek Campground.  It had great Wi-Fi for Jeff’s research and our movie streaming.  It also had a really nice open area just in front of the RV to walk the dogs and for Jeff to fly our ‘practice’ drone.  Only got caught in the trees once!  Jeff had to get the RV ladder over by a tree along with a pole.  With Christine holding the ladder, Jeff managed to whack the drone a couple of times until it fell off the branch that was holding it captive.

We would stay in Tranter’s Creek Campground again.  Staff if friendly and the park is clean.

Happy Trails from the Trippin’ Engles

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