Where’s the RV (Part 2)

Back from the shop… Back in the shop

We picked up the RV last Saturday November 8th.  La Mesa got everything done – new Sharp R-1880LS Microwave/Convection oven, new rear bedroom window and all the rest of the things that needed to get fixed got fixed (See prior post here)!  Yippee!


Camping here we go!  We made reservations for Thousand Trails Lake Minden and on Tuesday (Veteran’s day) I spent most of the day loading the basement bays, getting the water filter installed and general clean-up.

Thousand Trails – Lake Minden

I noticed when I started the RV on Tuesday that the air pressure light didn’t go off – so I finally went ahead and started the engine thinking that maybe I misunderstood the instructions on the start-up procedures.  As soon as I started the engine the air pressure light went out, and all was fine. Afterwards I verified that the dash lights should go out (in random order) with the air pressure light going out last, and the brake light staying on.

Today, Friday the 14th we picked up the RV from storage a little after 7 and I had the same problem with the air pressure gauge.  Again, I went ahead and started the engine and the air pressure came up OK. Once we got home I was tinkering around and thought I heard a hissss in the front cab, even after nothing was running.  Christine came to the rescue and heard the hissing noise then peeked under the dash. She could feel the air coming out behind the air pressure indicator on the dash.  Once the engine started, the chassis air pressure was good – over 100 psi; but I was not certain if the leak would get worse and possibly create a safety hazard, so I shut everything down.

I called Rick at La Mesa RV in Davis and he pointed me to the Freightliner service center at Sacramento Truck Center in Natomas.  I talked with Lawrence there who suspected that it was the gauge that needed to get replaced and didn’t think he had one on hand.  I took the Journey in to the Sacramento Truck Center and they quickly started working on it.


Journey at Sacramento Truck Center
Journey at Sacramento Truck Center

Christine picked me up and we went back home.  So instead of taking our Journey out for the second camping trip Christine went back to her phone conferences and I started doing more research on our LED lighting conversion project.

Before lunch Lawrence called and after doing a general external inspection that I requested he reported that there were some issues with one of the brakes – lots of oil that need pressure washing, some repair work and the brake shoes need  replacing.  Also he determined that it was the air pressure gauge that was faulty and a new one would arrive on Monday.

It looks like the extended warranty will be covering a majority of the costs. We’ll see next week what it all adds up to.

We have two product posts almost ready to go – but they need photography and video while we are out camping to finish them up.



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