Yellowstone Day Two

Yellowstone National Park – Day Two

Camping at Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho

Camping at Henry’s Lake State Park was a good find by Christine.  It is an easy 15 minute drive to the East Yellowstone entrance.  The town of West Yellowstone offers several restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores etc., so we often stopped to pick up a few necessities on the way back out of the park.

Nez Perce Creek

Our first stop is taking pictures of more geysers on the way to Old Faithful – our primary destination for the day.  Besides getting some more pictures of a whole field of geysers with a foreground of wildflowers to die for!  We also spotted a female elk in another field.

Nez Perce Creek Pictures

Old Faithful

How iconic is Old Faithful for Yellowstone?  We arrived at Old Faithful lodge about 15 minutes before the next eruption.  There was plenty of room around the geyser to find a spot to take pictures.  Our grandkids loved the show. We had promised them that afterwards we would have breakfast at the Old Faithful Inn.  The place was packed of course with the after the geyser crowd, but we only waiting about 15 minutes before we got a table.  The food was great.  You had a choice of selecting from the menu or doing the buffett  Afterwards we went up the three flights of stairs to look at all the quaint features of this very large log cabin.  Writing desks abound near all of the guest rooms.  Those used to be very popular for sitting down and writing to your family and friends of what a great time your having and wish you were here. :) .  There is also a deck for those guests to view Old Faithful away from the crowds.

Old Faithful Pictures

Midway Geyser Basin – Great Prismatic Geyser and Turquoise Pool

After a big breakfast we headed out to Midway Geyser Basin where some intense colored pools are located.  Our grand daughter had made the Grand Prismatic Pot her number one must-see of the trip, and she was not disappointed.   As we were starting our journey back to Henry’s Lake, we came face-to-face to a bison wondering down the road; so we got some up-close and personal pictures of the great beast.

It is a nice walk around the Midway Geyser Basin even if it was one of the most crowded spots we visited to-date.  Lots of colors and reflections make the trip worth while.


Midway Geyser Pictures

White Dome Geyser and back to East Yellowstone for ICE CREAM!

A short drive down Firehole Lake Drive gives us a chance to take pictures of the White Dome Geyser.  We caught it on video on the road just before getting there.  Good enough!  On to Wast Yellowstone for Ice Cream at Eagle’s Store.  Yum  Huckleberry Ice Cream was everyone’s favorite and then there was the Chocolate Runs Through It, that was in the running as a favorite too.

Here’s the video:

Happy Trails!

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