Yosemite Lakes and Engine Braking

Driving to Yosemite Lakes – learning about Engine Braking

April 30, 2015

Driving to Thousand Trails Yosemite Lakes was an adventure even before we left Sacramento.  We pulled the Journey out and checked the tires.  The inside left rear tire was flat and off the rim.

Once we got the tire inflated by North State Tire, we took the RV home and got it loaded up.   Fortunately it’s only a 2 1/2 hour drive to Yosemite Lakes, so we were not worried about taking a little longer to get started.  It was great being back in the RV.  For both Christine and I, once we get on the road it’s like a joint big sigh and we’re On The Road Again!

Jeff learns about Engine Braking

We drove through some dry range land then got into the foothills that have more Live Oak.  Garmin took us north of Tulloch Lake on our way to Yosemite.

Jeff's cool now that he's past Tulloch Lake's Curves
Jeff’s cool now that he’s past Tulloch Lake’s Curves

Many years ago we camped on the southern side of Tulloch Lake in our Volkswagen Vanagon and enjoyed seeing all the Tarantulas heading down to the lake in the evening.  Going up the grade along the cliff with curves so sharp I swore I could see my tail end ahead of me like a cartoon RV was an experience.  After nudging the low curb between the road and the 50′ drop-off a couple of times, I managed to get the hang of going out far enough so the rear wheels cleared the curb and the front was not into the oncoming lane.  With the uphill grade we managed between 20 and 25 MPH most of the time.  I think there are still finger nail creases in the arms of the co-pilot chair where Christine sat.

Then I learned about using Engine Compression to brake.  Coming down into Groveland I was able to practice downshifting the Allison transmission, watching the RPM and touching the Engine Brake button to slow the rig down.  After a bit, I was even able to watch the road while I was doing it.

We had a few more curves past Groveland along with more braking but as they say, it was old hat by then.  We arrived at Yosemite Lakes in the early afternoon.  Then we took the dogs for a walk and set up camp ready for the kids and grand-kids to arrive on Friday.

J and B arrived on Friday along with the Grandchildren Big B and Little B.  J, B and Big B went to Yosemite, while Christine and I stayed and little B took care of us:

Grandma enjoying some time with Little B
Grandma enjoying some time with Little B

The trip back home on Monday was uneventful – our tire pressure staying right were it should.  The following weekend we took the tire down to Les Schwab and told them of all the problems we’ve had with the inner left dual tire going flat.  I asked them to replace the entire valve for that wheel.  They took the tire off and put it in the water tester and no bubbles.  I put a known good Tire Pressure Monitor on, and we could see bubbles, but not by the monitor, but at the base of the valve stem.  After replacing the stem there were no bubbles; and no leaking when we checked it a few weeks later in storage!  Whoopee!  We may have our tire leak fixed.  It appears to have been both a bad monitor (replaced quickly by TireMinder) and a bad valve.  Probably one in a hundred thousand issue for both.


Christine’s off to New York to fix up our summer cabin, then we’re up to Oregon to visit my dad and brother – so next camping will be sometime in July.

See ya then!

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